Storytelling is one of the easiest ways to humanize your brand. Telling stories that are engaging, authentic, and relatable will help your brand resonate with audience members.

Stories have always been a useful tool to help make a point. Remember the fables you read and listened to as a child? The Tortoise and The Hare teach children the importance of patience, which is not the most interesting lesson to learn. Children continue to learn this lesson largely because the storytelling component has made an impression on them. Your brand can make this same impression by telling compelling stories as well.

With the advancement of technology, people have gained the ability to skip through messages they do not wish to see. Ad blockers are frequently used, ad-skipping options are available on video, and click-through rates are at an all-time high. Audiences only view what interests them. Storytelling gives brands the opportunity to reach audiences with stories that matter and make an impact.

When choosing which stories to tell, it is important to remain personal. Which stories explain your brand and what it stands for? Which stories resonate with those in your target audience? Cater your messages with these questions in mind.

Typically, storytelling increases brand recall. Audience members identify more strongly with a story being told rather than numbers and marketing jargon being thrown at them. Think about Super Bowl advertisements you’ve seen in the past few years. Which advertisements stuck out the most? Odds are the ones that told a story.

As customer experience becomes more and more important as a differentiating factor, the stories you can tell your clients and prospects need to take center stage, because they’re what sets you and your brand apart. You can share your stories through social media or you can share through your content, highlighting your appreciation for your customers, and sharing how your business came to be what it is. Telling your story should become a key part of your overall content strategy because people don’t buy from brands or companies, they buy from people, and a key part of your company’s story is exactly that, people.


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