Considering that 43% of consumers say they search online for local businesses at least once per month, you want to make sure your audience finds your brand.1Increase awareness by optimizing your website and content for search. Use the right keywords to make sure visitors can find you in an organic search. Consider a paid search campaign as well to further increase awareness.

Take advantage of these online tools to help you figure out what search terms are best for you:

1. Keyword Explorer

  • Use this to help you find the right keywords to use in your content and on your site.


  • This tool can also identify the terms people type into Google, thus informing your content creation and site design.

3. BuzzSumo

  • This app helps you find out what terms generate social media traffic on any given topic.


A thorough SEO process will help you identify the keywords and terms customers use to search for your business. If you want a more thorough SEO audit but don’t have the time, consider investing in professional services. An SEO expert can help you understand your own search equity and the importance of optimization and how to improve your SEO strategy.


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