Patients, Donors, Providers: Serving More than Community

Healthcare is a crowded field, and choices abound for patients.  Donors need to be cultivated with the activities and successes of today to sustain your hospital tomorrow.  And there is no cookie cutter solution to disparate needs of providers and offices.

With these many parallel marketing initiatives happening at the same time, it’s no wonder we become mired in detail and minutiae of the next event, next email newsletter, next meeting. How can healthcare marketers stay above the fray?

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Data Analysis

We build custom market share tools to observe your place in the competitive set and identify actionable pockets of opportunity.  Working with data houses and programs like local health and hospital organizations, dataKOALA and EPIC, we know where you stand and where you stand to gain share.

Audience Targeting

Finding new patients based on their maladies or affinities requires expertise.  As part of the largest privately held media company in the world, Advance Ohio has first-party data on half the US population’s internet travels, and we know how to find your ideal customers or patients.

Search Position

Your healthcare organization must appear as the answer to relevant healthcare questions asked of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  We know how positioning your answers as the right ones—the relevant ones—makes all the difference.

Where you can’t, we can.

We work closely with internal marketing departments to become an extension of your team, providing additional resources that make difficult projects possible, like content marketing and data visualization.

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