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You know us for our journalism and deep community connection. You’ve grown your business with our depth of digital knowledge and expert guidance in your marketing strategy. But our professional team can also help you build experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

We are expert marketing strategists and event producers who deliver programs tailored to meet your business and audience needs. From planning and strategy to creation and development to implementation and campaign management, our full-service events team can bring your vision to life.

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Eliminate Event Day Stress with a Professional Team

We understand what it takes to put on a great event.  While it’s what we do day in and day out, we know that resources and experience are key to success.  From strategy, to run of show, to virtual or hybrid platform activation, our a la carte services are designed to fit your needs and budget.  Let us know how we can help, by supporting an event you already have established, or building a new experience from scratch.


Creating engaging and meaningful event content is at the heart of what we do. We are experts at bringing messages to life and delivering them to the right audiences.


Our customizable surveys allow us to create audience profiles, measure KPIs, and gather data and insights for you to use for future events and communication. We work with our partners to create surveys so the results are meaningful to you.


From conferences to awards programs, virtual to hybrid, single market to multi-market, our goal is to offer the best experience for our attendees and partners. We handle every detail of the event, from the kick-off call to the post-event reporting, and make sure every aspect of the event is delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.


Coordinating and contracting event speakers is our specialty. As part of Northeast Ohio’s #1  news source, we created a trusted brand within the community that speakers respect and want to be connected to. From political figures, such as Mayor Justin Bibb and County Executive Chris Roynane, to professional coaches like Callie Brownson, from the Browns, we are experts in speaker acquisition and management.


From the first hello to the last thank you, we pride ourselves in executing flawless experiences for attendees and speakers. With unique stage design to attendee name badges, we ensure every detail comes together to create a branded and cohesive experience for all guests. To ensure we consider every detail leading up to and during the event day.


We are backed by an in-house creative team of eight designers. Our team knows what it takes to make an event look and feel exceptional. From the design of the first Save the Date email to event signage and promotional items, our designers focus on giving each event a specific look and feel that sets our events apart from others.


Based on our client’s needs and target audience, we create a unique promotional campaign with the goal to drive the right attendees to your event. We are experts in creating multi-channel campaigns that drive results.


Coordinating and providing event registration is performed on an intuitive platform. This system includes branded event web pages and ticket registration pages. This robust event management system has the ability to create different registration types, ticket pricing, and apps specific to your event. The platform allows us to efficiently and effectively manage event ticket sales and event attendees.

Our Brand Adds Value

You may have a need for a branded experience that drives leads and understanding of your work. These are very straightforward KPIs and ones around which we can wrap ideas and experiences. But your event may also benefit from developing an experience hosted by our team and staff, perhaps even our journalists. Enhancing your message and event through a partnership with the market’s #1 News Source? We can make this happen, and you can take full advantage of the halo-effect our news sites will bring.

Win high-level speakers for your event through the trusted relationship they have with our media outlets.

Have your event hosted by a professional host who knows how to keep your audience’s attention.

Benefit from the expertise, trust, and wealth of knowledge our journalists provide as they are moderating your expert panel discussions.

(Not every event is one that makes sense for our brand, and we reserve the right to be selective in how and with whom we partner. Rules of engagement will apply in any co-branded event.)

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