Gut Isn’t a Strategy. Use Millions of Points of Data Instead

Data is the core principle of our work. Whether analyzing data to understand your customers, visualizing data to help you see the results of your marketing efforts or leveraging data to help you target your customers with the right message at the right time, data is paramount to those efforts.

You need an accurate view of reality to begin any effort. What can be gleaned when we view a collection of data points: product landing page traffic versus impressions served to generate interest; new business acquisition alongside premium margin products; lead generation activity viewed alongside populations best served (or those absent from your lineup).

Comprehensive SEO

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Local SEO

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SEO Audit

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Competitive Audit

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Data Management and Enhancement

Your own CRM data is the most valuable asset you have.  We analyze and develop audience and targeting strategies based on 1) who is already in your customer base 2) their attributes and characteristics and 3) additional available targets that might look just like them.  We develop personas for your audience, and report on all of these findings.

POS Data Analysis

Who is buying from you? Who are your best customers? What are they typically buying? And most important, how do we visualize all of these metrics to understand their interdependencies, challenges and opportunities?

Advance Analytics

We provide visual dashboards that are accessible 24/7.  These include all the material noted above, and more.  It reflects website data, social media efforts and performance, display and other marketing campaign metrics. It provides insight on performance and overall results and success, and visually illustrates, in nearly real time (update 2x daily) the activities that are driving your business.  This view of the reality of your work is paramount to future successes.  Often our clients glean rationalizations for past experiences, and insight for tomorrow’s campaigns from the first viewing.

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