Marketing Strategies Unique To Your Industry

At and The Plain Dealer, we’re known for the largest news audience in Northeast Ohio. But we are also digital marketing and media experts. Whether as a full-service agency or as consultants to your in-house staff, we’re proven leaders in digital marketing, with world-class creative, cutting-edge digital services, and the know-how to drive your growing business into the future.

Reach Your Audience Beyond Our Site And Newspapers

Expert Audience Targeting, Direct or Programmatic

We don’t just find audiences on our own site or newspapers. Our team uses print and digital strategies to reach your audience wherever they may be, on any device they are using. We equipped to serve your most global strategy or a tiny, geographically specific audience, wherever they are.

We Serve Growing Businesses, Large and Small

With specialties in Healthcare, Travel, Education and Retail


Improving RVUs, Patient Encounters, Referrals, and More


Student Recruitment, Retention, and Enrollment Yield, or Alumni Engagement and Advancement, or Both


Destinations, Hotels, and CVBs


Professional Services, E-Commerce, CPG and More


Wealth Management, Financial Decisions, Banking, Lending, and More

We Specialize In Three Key Industries

But serve all business types, large and small

What We Do


Lead Generators

We grow businesses we partner with, and marketing isn’t the only way. Lead Generation is a specialty, using data you already have to create your next best customer.

Lead Generators

We grow businesses we partner with, and marketing isn’t the only way. Lead Generation is a specialty, using data you already have to create your next best customer.

Business Consultants

Not every business needs a marketing agency, but most need services that will make their marketing more effective or efficient. Our professional team is filled with knowledgeable media strategists, able to adjust recommendations to match the needs of our clients. We are product agnostic, driving performance of your marketing with your KPIs as the measuring stick for success.

Media Specialists

A multi-channel approach is often best in advertising and media. Serving the right message to the right person at the right time is truly a science, and must appear in your audience’s natural internet and real-world travels in a highly curated and personalized way.

Analytics and Insights

Using data to your advantage and helping your campaigns achieve your goals is what we do. With the largest audience in Greater Cleveland, we know first-hand what drives audiences to action. Add to this expert tracking and reporting, and you will quickly find you have more information to make decisions than ever before.

Differentiator: Reporting, Insights, and Analytics

Making Your Marketing Work, with Insights

It isn’t enough to have attractive creative, or post on Facebook every day. Real strategy is rooted in business intelligence, which begins with data. Advance Ohio is the leader in first-party consumer data, which means we understand what your customer needs to be convinced to take action. Let’s chat!


Case Studies

Vaccination Awareness Still Relevant, Campaign grows engagement 27%

Despite audience fatigue and continued controversy on the subject of vaccination, Hackley prioritized vaccination as a priority message for its audience. They needed to ensure…

Camp for Autism Patients Full in 3 Weeks

Our primary goal in marketing this facility was to fill camp registrations. Our campaign, slated to run until the camp’s registration deadline, was paused after…

Mayoral Race Uses Social Display, OTT for Results

By 2022, the stage was set for a rematch. Our firm was employed by The Committee to elect Sheldon Neeley to provide media services leading…


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