How do you know your advertising budget is being well spent?

When evaluating an advertisement, consumers weigh the trust they have in that source or brand. An effective way to boost your brands favorability is to advertise on the website of premium publishers. Quality online environments deliver substantially better results, with cost effectiveness, audience engagement, and positive brand response. This allows the ‘halo effect’ to work for you in many ways that expand and reinforce your message. The halo effect is when one product favorably impacts another. When a strong and trusted brand builds preference around itself, it attracts others that want to be recognized with that brand.

The number of served impressions is no longer the only driver for advertising impact. The reputation of the platform on which you advertise is also important. The effect on brand preference is more than 50% stronger with reliable media platforms than with those that are considered unreliable.

Benefits of working with a premium publisher are:

  • Premium publishers are actively sought out by their viewers or readers, who tend to have a loyal, meaningful, committed relationship with them.
  • Ads appearing in quality online environments are 42% more cost effective for advertisers based on levels of engagement, viewability, placement, and dwell time.
  • Consumers go to premium publishers because of what they have to offer—sports, news, entertainment or other popular content, or a unique perspective or voice. No matter your industry, you can reach a diverse audience with various interests.
  • Ad units on Premium Publisher sites produce stronger response rates with average uplifts of 5% for brand awareness, 19.2% for ad recall, and 9.7% for brand perception, and 10.3% for recommendation intent.

Premium publishers understand their audience and know how to connect to it. In a world in which four out of five brands don’t really know their customers, leveraging a publisher’s deep knowledge of its audience can be invaluable.

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