Advance Ohio has always offered social consultations for our clients. Generally speaking, these involve half-day workshops and a content calendar for your team to use, as well as an “on-call” member of our social team to assist when questions arise. But business needs are changing overnight in the face of COVID-19, and you need answers, fast.

Advance Ohio is responding by offering a quick, 15-minute social media consultation FREE.

Last week, you were a brick and mortar store. This week, you only can connect with your customers through email, phone, and social media. You might not have a solid social media strategy on hand, as it wasn’t something you had to focus on for your business before —we hear you!

We know that small businesses are the ones that will need our support right away. As a result, our “quick” consults are being offered at no charge for the first time ever.

Our team of social media experts are here for you! To schedule your consult please visit or send a message to

We hope to hear from you soon!