While glimmers of hope emerge around store re-openings, it’s increasingly important that your steady communication with existing and potential customers remain genuine. Here are a few ideas to keep your communication on track and let your customers know you are here for them during this time.

Make it known that you’re here to keep your customers safe

Check in with your audience and customers. Working with the CRM, google analytics and other data you have, let them know you are here to address any concerns they may have during this time and explain how you’re adapting your business as Ohio begins to reopen.

Your customers want to know how you will continue to keep them safe as the economy evolves. Sentiment during a time of scarcity, uncertainty, or even fear is precious. Don’t squander it! Email, digital display, blog posts and sponsored content are excellent ways to keep connected, through your customer’s regular internet travels.

Maximize the experience of current customers – what’s your USP?

It’s crucial to understand your unique selling proposition and how it will be beneficial to your customers during this time. Helping customers optimize their current solutions by offering add-ons or introducing them to complementary components will help reinforce your relationship with them.

But more important than the sale is the ongoing connection, and their knowledge that you did more than was necessary to serve them – especially if they are feeling vulnerable going into the coming months.

Consider how what you say will influence hires and rehires post-pandemic

As the world comes back online, you’ll need to rehire or re-employ. While perhaps not at pre-covid-19 levels immediately, you will need to adjust. What you say right now will influence the opinion of your business by new recruits. 94% of job seekers are looking at your social media feed to help them form an opinion about your brand. Use your communication outlets wisely.

Above all, your customers are yearning for a sense of stability amidst the changing landscape. Cleveland is reopening and businesses will have to evolve. It’s important your communication with your current and future clients remains thought-provoking, yet supportive. Ensure your customer’s safety through your communication outlets, and both you and your clients will be confident tackling the current landscape.

Advance Ohio is here to help your business as Ohio reopens. Contact us today!