At and The Plain Dealer, we know how challenging 2020 has been. From quarantines and closed Ohio businesses to tentative re-openings with new protocols, we’ve all worked harder than ever to keep our doors open and the lights on. It’s humbling when we hear from our clients that this support made a difference for them, even providing the smallest amount of hope.

“This is the first time we advertised with Advance Ohio and we had great results with our digital ad. Advance Ohio provided us the results on a monthly basis and we were able to change to our ad that was getting the most results. I would recommend Advance Ohio to people who need to get their message out with a small budget and make an impact.”

Cleveland Eye Bank

In the wake of the pandemic, the business community was forced to react to an evolving and uncertain future. While questions remain in how communities will move forward, business owners have a unique opportunity to take a collective breath, reflect on how business is changing, and chart a new course for the long road ahead. At Advance Ohio, we take our role as partners in this journey very seriously.

“Advance Ohio worked hard to help us think through creative, successful ideas that we wouldn't have had the opportunity to attempt without the assistance of the grant program.”

Caroline Stolzfus, Content Marketing Specialist
City Mission


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