Understanding your market and who will most benefit from your product or service is critical to creating an inbound strategy that reaches the right people. Think about the variety of customers you want to attract and create detailed personas containing demographic information, their needs and desires, and their pain points or triggers that prompt them to seek you out and make a purchase.

Find inbound strategies that make sense for your business:

1. Make your calls to action irresistible.

  • Cover your website and content with calls to action that indicate what you want your potential customers to do. Whether you’re asking visitors to fill out a form or purchase your product.
  • Keep the design simple and clean. Provide only the important information and define your call to action button clearly.
  • Write engaging copy. Instead of “download white paper,” be enticing with offers such as “gain insights to boost your business” or “discover how you can save money.”

2. Establish a social media presence.

  • More than 90% of businesses use social media content as part of their strategy. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn as the most common platforms.

3. Start an email campaign.

  • Unlike a more randomized, outbound approach, an inbound email marketing effort entices visitors back. Create an email list and then craft targeted content that provides subscribers with valuable information and additional resources.

4. Streamline your process with CRM systems.

  • With a solid marketing plan in place, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help map out your customer personas, increase efficiency and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing and sales process.


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