Many B2B marketers are struggling with finding a balance of the traditional pieces of marketing and the new digital trends that are creeping in. The truth is, digital marketing should be an essential piece of every B2B marketing plan, but it doesn’t have to be implemented instead of the traditional route, it should be used to complement the long-standing traditional pieces that are already in place. B2B marketers know – trade shows and conferences are not only the norm but are still an essential part of marketing for a B2B company. These events are great for B2B businesses, but also come with a great price tag – so it’s important for businesses to make the most of the time and money spent at trade shows. One way to optimize your trade shows is with location-based targeting.

By targeting the event location or nearby sites during a particular time, your business can capture the active devices of attendees. Once these devices are captured, your business can use them to your advantage. These devices can be targeted with ads during the trade show and on top of that the data can be collected and you can continue to serve your message to these attendees well after the event. So how does this help your business? We’ve outlined 3 benefits of location-based targeting for your trade show:

Boost The Awareness of Your Brand

A study by Deloitte found that on average, people in the United States across all age groups check their phone 46 times per day. At events like trade shows, the audience that is attending is likely to already be in the industry that your targeting so targeting the physical location will help you reach more people. By targeting attendees with ads at trade shows, it’s likely that they will start associating your name with the industry and you will earn recognition and credibility.

Drive Traffic to Your Booth

Are you giving something away at your trade show booth? Do you have an interesting presentation or demonstration of your product? Target attendees with ads that let them know where your booth is, what value you’re bringing to the event, and you will not only receive traffic but more qualified and interested traffic. As a trade show participant, you’re often vying for attention from attendees, so make sure to let attendees know in advance what your booth will have to offer.

Gather Information

What about the people that didn’t get a chance to stop by your booth? Or the people who showed some interest in your product or service, but didn’t want to pull the trigger just yet? One benefit of location targeting is that devices can be collected for remessaging in the future. Ads can be remessaged to trade show attendees for up to 90 days after the event – so why not use that opportunity to send some additional valuable information to those attendees to show your expertise in the industry and to tip the scales in your favor towards a sale.

Does your business have a trade show coming up? Let Advance Ohio help you make the most of the event with location-based targeting. Contact us today and let’s chat about building a strategy.