In February, 2020, Advance Ohio’s first Mentoring Monday event inspired hundreds of women. From the mentors that offered their expertise to the attendees that learned from them and the sponsors aligning their brand with this terrific, women-centered event, and The Plain Dealer were proud to support women in business.

This year’s event is expanding!
We’ll offer some other new elements:

  • Enhanced promotions to include podcasting, videos featuring sponsors/mentors, and more
  • Offering a virtual gift bag for all attendees, offering a great way to align sponsor’s products and services with the audience
  • Using a virtual environment that will enhance the experience well beyond that of a zoom call. This will be as close to “being in the room” as is possible in our world today

We’re bringing women and influential mentors together in a casual, fast-paced coaching and “speed networking” atmosphere. Not only will we offer 1:1 speed coaching, we will also have group discussion as part of the total experience. Our intention is to create a virtual room of women meeting, engaging and learning from one another. Mentors will time with each mentee talking about their careers, current employment issues, resume advice – whatever is on their minds.

For this event to be as powerful as we know it will be, we need the help of other organizations. We anticipate companies being an integral part of this event as sponsors, which we are actively seeking now. Sponsorship opportunities available offer a wide range of benefits – brand exposure, ability to make remarks at the event, a display table to promote your company, and recognition during and after the event, to name a few.

Mentoring Monday offers a mutually beneficial experience for both mentors and mentees. Mentors gain new perspectives while mentees receive professional development. None of us got where we are in our careers by ourselves. Yes, we did the hard work! However, more than likely we had someone giving us advice or a support system to lean on when things got tough. For a chance to pay that forward, we would love for you or your company to be a part of Mentoring Monday.

Mentoring Monday 2020 was a big success,
with 252 Mentees, 48 mentors, 8 community
partners, and 7.9K viewers on Facebook.
2021 promises to be even more engaging!


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