With the majority of people working from home, and businesses adjusting to a new strategy, you may need some pointers on how to engage your customer base! Follow these 4 tips on how to reengage your customers, and set you, and your clients up for success!


Focus on building/maintaining relationships first. Check in with your audience, customers AND prospects. Let them know you are there to address any concerns they may have during this time and explain how you’re adapting your business to the current situation.  Email, digital display, blog posts and sponsored content are good ways to get the message out or drive people to your message on your website.


 Take care of your current customers. Helping customers optimize their current solutions by offering add-ons or introducing them to complementary components will help reinforce your relationship with them. You could also stimulate repeat purchases, up-sell or cross-sell across your business lines. Above all, offer reassurance that your business is the one they should be dealing with.  Email is key here because you can personalize the messages and spend very little to reach customers.


Don’t give up on your prospects. By continuing marketing activity with clear messages and keeping in mind changes of consumer behavior, you can win over prospective customers who had been on the fence or even has been doing business with your competitors.


Evaluate your current marketing plan. Do the channels you’re currently utilizing still make sense? Allocating your budget elsewhere vs cutting back altogether would be a great pivot strategy. If prospects aren’t driving the roadways and are home surfing and streaming, reallocate outdoor funds to targeted video, social and digital. Looking for more information on digital advertising options? Follow this link, here!

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