With modern shifts in the way we consume content, video has become a key component for any digital marketing plan. Higher engagement and stronger message recall have inspired advertisers from every industry to consider video as a key tactic for telling their stories.

But they’re also faced with the task of choosing how to get the right eyes on their video spot. Cable & network television are no longer the only option, as streamed content has rapidly shifted the way we watch our favorite shows. What are some of the factors that can help advertisers choose the right option?

1.  Investment

Streaming ads tend to be less cost-prohibitive than traditional cable & network commercials. With traditional TV, advertisers are expected to lock into costly “upfronts” that secure their spot across a limited number of programs. Streaming ad spots, on the other hand, are bought digitally and in the moment – a much more cost-efficient process.

2. Data & Targeting

Historically, advertisers would buy spots on networks & programming that aligned to their audience’s viewing habits. With the advent of streaming, it’s easier to leverage demographic and consumer interest data to find the right audience – regardless of what they’re watching, how they’re watching it, and when.

3. Larger, More Exclusive Audience

It’s no secret that vast swaths of US households are “cutting the cord” and moving their viewing habits toward streaming services. In January of 2023, streaming video accounted for 38.1% of TV viewership – and 84.9% of US homes had at least one streaming device1.

4. Measurement & Optimization

Streaming ads have vastly better measurement options than cable & network ads. Traditional television ads can’t be measured like a digital ad. Streaming, on the other hand, gives advertisers access to important data points that shed light on the efficacy of their campaign. Being able to tie campaign investment to measurable results helps the advertiser better understand their return on investment (ROI).

5. Video Capabilities

Brands have unique video creative options when running streaming ads. The ability to A/B test multiple ad spots grants the advertiser important insights into how the messaging resonates with their audiences. Additionally, different spots can be targeted to different audiences, giving the advertiser the opportunity to tailor the messaging by geography or demographic. Brands can even benefit from ad spots that dynamically update when key information on their website is changed – such as pricing or discounts.

There’s still a seat at the table for both traditional TV and streaming (for now). Network and cable audiences still exist, although in smaller numbers. But for savvy digital advertisers looking for better control and comprehension of their video campaigns, streaming offers the tools and data necessary to speak to their audience meaningfully and at-scale.

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Contributed by Bryan Thurston, Account Executive


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