In Higher Education, our projects take many forms. Some of our partners need to improve on student ticket sales for athletic events. Others need to draw attention to a particular research project to drive alumni and donor attention. Others come to us for student recruitment needs.

In this case, an anonymous mid-size Michigan University asked us to help them target new areas for student recruitment. They felt that their “tried and true” feeder schools and markets were experiencing diminishing returns and hoped to diversify the areas from which new students were attracted.

The University used the following tactics to create attention and activate their audience.

Strong Results

As a result of this very specific and tactical campaign, the overall results were strong.

Out of State Traffic Increased Overall

Traffic from Illinois was up 28%

Traffic from Ohio was up 15%

Overall growth of applying students from these new areas was commensurate with expected conversions, and reporting from the University further underscored the change effected by this campaign.

Tactical Changes

It isn’t enough to specify locations from which you’d like to recruit. Shifting budgets to accomplish the desired goals can reap real results, like this. But it can be overwhelming adjusting a campaign to achieve new KPIs. We recommend consulting a digital marketing expert to explore what’s possible, and how your needs align with work we’ve accomplished in the past.

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