When your marketing goals are to inspire and educate the public, engage the citizens of your community, and encourage them to take action, you might feel like the outcomes match most marketing goals. But in the case of Geauga Park District, these goals also impact taxpayer sentiment and regular use of parks in the area.

Geauga Park District, one of Ohio’s county park systems, manages 27 open parks throughout Geauga County, Ohio, including 10,500+ acres, 85+ miles of trail, picnic areas, several preserved properties and a nature center. The Park District is operated by a five-member Board of Park Commissioners, each appointed to a three-year term by the Geauga County Probate Judge. Its marketing campaign needed to educate residents about the services and locations available to them, encourage appreciation and enjoyment of those natural areas, and engage the next generation of nature lovers and future land stewards.


Significant Exposure

The brand exposure for Geauga Park District over 3 campaign phases was significant, with almost 1.6 million impressions served through Facebook, YouTube, OTT, RRM display, display re-messaging and social display to residents of Geauga County.

Paid Social

Paid social ads led the campaign in impressions and clicks, and garnered a 1.45% click thru rate, against an industry average of .9%.


The videos, shown on YouTube offered a remarkable completion rate, with 67.5% of active viewers watching to completion.

Quality Reporting

As an agency, we strive for transparent reporting that is understandable and guides recommendations on next steps that everyone can agree are appropriate. In the case of our reporting for Geauga Park District, the marketing coordinator had this to say,

“This report is outstanding! Not only is the presentation very clear and consumable, but the results seem very strong. This type of reporting goes a long way in our relationship …. Thank you so much!”

– Geauga Park District Marketing Coordinator


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