The Impact of Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is a key source of food for 22 counties, where it acts as the main warehouse for food resources. Its staff sorts and inspects food before making it available to its partners. Then, at least once or twice a week, partner agencies receive a large delivery of low- and no-cost food to distribute directly to those in need.





“We work with over 700 partners and programs in our service area,” says Ross. “These include church pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, schools, after-school programs, health and hospital partnerships, and more.”

Typically, the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and its partners feed more than 22,000 individuals every week, adding up to over 30 million pounds of food in an average year. Unfortunately, this year is anything but average. COVID-19 shutdowns have led to widespread job loss, and the percentage of the population struggling with food insecurity has more than doubled. In response, the bank now handles more than twice the amount of its usual volume of food.

“We’ve already passed last year’s total donations. These are historic numbers of people who are coming to us seeking help,” adds Ross.

Advance Ohio Grant Program Comes at a Critical Time

In the past, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan had isolated their advertising campaign to a holiday donor acquisition effort. With mild print and digital campaigning and the insertion of a donor envelope inserted into the newspapers published for the counties they serve, this effort generated much-needed funds at a critical time for the organization.

But in 2020, released a matching grant program, which made a branding and awareness campaign possible as an expansion of the original program.

Most Years

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Envelope Insertion

In 2020

Awareness Campaign:

  • Sponsor Content Featuring Organizational Impact
  • Digital
  • Print
  • Social Card Display Ads
  • 2 Videos

Holiday Campaign:

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Envelope Insertion

Using video, social display, and print to brand the organization and remind residents of the organization’s impact on hunger in the area, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan was able to provide brand recall for their efforts when the call for donations came. The story was told in print, within sponsor content on the area’s top website for news and information. All of these components functioned as one to drive understanding of the problem and position Food Bank as the solution.

“…we exceeded last year’s totals in every market and raised just under $47,000 between all three markets. Last year, we raised about $38,000.”

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is always looking for new partner organizations. 501(c)(3) non-profits that are capable of providing emergency food support can call its Outreach Department at 810-239-4441 to get involved. Families in need can find a food pantry or learn more by contacting the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.


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