When a mom has a free hand, she’s scrolling her phone. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Google – you name it, she’s there. There’s nothing like the toggle between IG and Chrome for a mobile phone user – it’s how most adults measure the width between their thumb and the rest of their hand when trying out a new phone before purchasing. 


Because a user won’t consume your content in a single place, a brand’s web content and social media content should be tied together. Ensure a consistency between graphics and videos posted on Instagram and the posts they’re enhancing on your blog. Keep a relationship between platforms and graphics and ensure the campaign content is similar but pertinent. Each audience you market to should find something for themselves in these pieces of content, wherever they originate.

Search + Display

There’s really no better way to meet consumers where they’re looking in digital than by combining search and display advertising for a solid search engine marketing campaign. By taking an active, keyword-heavy enterprise search campaign and aligning those keywords with programmatic display audience definitions, we can deliver a multi-touch approach to customers on trusted sites from search engines like Google and Bing to publications such as MLive.com and The Grand Rapids Press to nationwide media partners like The New Yorker, Conde Nast and Reddit. 

Content: Visual + Sponsored

What story are you trying to tell? With combined written and visual content pieces, advertisers reach audiences with different abilities and perspectives than their own, while continuing to control the narrative of their brand story. Consider aligning written blog content or press releases with photo, video, and graphic elements that supplement what’s written – and vice versa. When all elements of a campaign are in alignment, the consumer feels more enveloped by the brand story and, therefore, more likely to buy in. 


These paired solutions also create increased recall, both for the brand and the content subjects. When an article contains a complimentary video, the time on site increases to include the time spent with the video in addition to the written word.


As the leading type of content for keeping users engaged, video is an ideal partner to written content in its many forms. When creating video content, we recommend aligning a weekly or monthly cadence to deliver high quality content on a regular basis, directly bolstering your brand content strategy.

OTT + Geofencing

Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising implies a ‘top’ of streaming internet availability, making this advertising channel capable of bypassing cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms to deliver content direct to consumers via impressions, just like you’d select your audiences for other digital impressions. In other words, OTT networks consist of subscription-based video on demand services delivered by vendors like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, and other specialty channels. 

When combining OTT with Geofencing, a brand can deliver advertisements to potential customers while they’re watching their favorite shows and movies, and then follow up when that customer steps foot in or near a targeted point of interest. From retail and hospitality establishments to local landmarks to your competitor’s location, geofencing allows brands to deliver ads in real time as consumers are navigating a location.

HPTO + Print

79% of adults have taken action because of an printed advertisement in the past 30 days. Perfect for grand openings and other special events, our homepage takeover and print offerings combine to create the ultimate impact. We position our clients’ print advertisements alongside some of the most trusted content in the state. Combined with a multi-advertisement takeover on the homepage of, these ‘Ultimate Impact’ packages drive traffic directly to doorsteps.  Before you ask, yes! We do offer front page sticky notes and can design and print them as peel-off coupons or other actionable items to track return-on-investment from every part of the funnel. 

Programmatic + Owned and Operated

The old one-two punch of display advertising publishes both on our programmatic network as well as on our owned and operated properties. By considering the content you’re developing for audiences that read our content as well as content for those that are on many trusted publications nationwide, you’re able to expose your brand to both local and national audiences at once. With a variety of audience targeting mechanisms to choose from between the two types of display advertising, campaigns can get granular and complex or stay well spread across multiple demographics, geographical locations, and behavioral markers. 

Pairing Solutions

Whether your budget is small or you’re taking a more robust approach for your brand, pairing solutions will broaden the impact of a single placement and create a lift unlike isolated marketing opportunities. The more consistent your messaging can be across channels, and the more purposeful you are in releasing content and advertising, the better the outcomes will be.

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