Many B2B marketers have begun to embrace content marketing as part of their overall marketing plan, and there’s no question why. Great content builds trust and keeps prospects engaged, and when they are ready to buy, the content will be top of mind. Content can be used to nurture customers in every step of their path to purchase – from building awareness of the brand, to improving visibility, to creating loyalty. Investing resources into creating content builds a thriving customer base for the long haul.

Great content is more than just good writing. The content on websites, blogs, social media, and emails need to be relevant and engaging to both potential clients, as well as the search engines to capture all prospects. Content encompasses every thing from written, to visual, to video, and the type of content companies should produce will depend on audiences. The fact of the matter is that 88% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, and those who aren’t using it to its full advantage will fall short of the competition.

There is a lot of value put on visual and video content these days, but written content is still a valuable part of any marketing strategy. It is especially beneficial in the B2B environment, where there is a demand for good content, but the supply is still relatively low. Businesses that blog often see a huge return on investment for a relatively small effort. There are many benefits to blogging:

An Increase in Website Traffic:

Companies that blog 15 or more times per month get five times more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all.

SEO Boost:

Blogging provides a website with recently updated, keyword optimized content.

Thought Leadership:

The more high-quality, high-value content a company produces, the higher
authority the company will earn within the industry.

Social Sharing Opportunities:

Social sharing helps build a company’s credibility and drives brand
awareness. The more people see a company’s name, the more they will
recognize it, which makes that company top of mind when it comes time to make a buying decision.

What Should B2B companies write about?

  • Become a resource for news within your industry – report on new regulations, advancements, and trends that will affect business within the industry in the long run.
  • Highlight new products that have been created and write about how they benefit the industry or how they will make customers’ lives easier.
  • Write about how your industry is changing and make predictions on how the industry could change in years to come.
  • Start discussions with other companies or people in the industry to get viewpoints on the kind of content they are looking for or provide a forum for them to discuss interesting topics.

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