Combating Shrinking Enrollments

Declining student numbers are a reality, and the way those students engage is different than previous generations. Universities must stay relevant as more than 40% of students are distance learners and even more have a list of at least 4 institutions on their short list.

Overcoming summer melt, improving enrollment yield, and speaking with students throughout their journey in a curated fashion is more important than ever.  You have a website with the ability to track your student’s research and remessage accordingly.  You have recruiters and admissions teams placing paid social ads. But are these activities working together?

Accelerate Intent

The topics students are researching as well as the searches they make and the websites they visit provide bits of trackable data. So do the searches they make and the internet they travel.  Let us find those students—your students—in their natural internet travels, underscoring the topics they are already researching on your site and filling in the gaps of the material they missed.

Use CRM Data

Once a candidate converts, your inquiry data is gold. With a name, email address and phone number, we can find and message your students using social media and other methods and remind them how great they think your university is.

Mix in Search

Search is a critical component of any educational institution.  You know where your students are and what you want them to do on your website.  Let search be part of the perfect, proven blend that brings those prospects to your door.


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