This resort in West Palm Beach was suffering from changing management companies three times in 4 years and was left without a true identity system. Advance 360 is in the process of this new identity system and, as of the writing of this response document, is finalizing its online presence and preparing for launch. Our work includes every asset of the Tideline property: logo, branding, identity system, staff uniforms, menus, website, signage and wayfinding, and more. Digital Campaigns are underway, and every photographic and graphic/designed asset released in the last 90 days has been the work of our creative team.


Our team of experts created a strategy focused on three different tactics to reach potential students and their parents in addition to standard display ads on cleveland.com and the extended reach ad network:

  • We used the lat/long targeting over six college campuses to reach students while they were on their home campus, encouraging them to save money and get ahead by taking summer classes at the local community college.
  • Through social media we targeted students interested in taking classes while they’re home for the summer.
  • Sponsored content was used to raise awareness about the advantages of summer classes at the community college.
  • In addition to the traditional “in river” posts on cleveland.com the sponsored content was promoted through display advertising utilizing the RRM platform. Featuring creative specific to the parent and the student audience, which allowed the tracking of respondents’ engagement with the ad.


  • Mobile targeted campaign around 6 campuses garnered 16,316 clicks and achieved an overall CTR (click-through rate) of .97%.
  • The transient student page saw 21,454 page views, a 136% increase from 2015.
  • Traffic driven by social increased 253% year over year.
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