A local lighting store was experiencing increased advertising expenses during their slow time of the year, without seeing real results. The owner reached out to Advance Ohio to see how our advertising solutions on could generate a positive ROI for his business.


Drive more web and in-store traffic during a typically slow time of year, while decreasing advertising expenditures.


After analyzing the current marketing strategy our team of experts recommended taking some of the current TV spend and diverting it to digital video. This would give the  opportunity to hyper target, decrease waste, and leverage the halo effect to inspire the audience of and motivate to buy. The transition from TV to digital video was seamless since the existing video assets could be utilized.

Next, we targeted homeowners with high income and interest in improving their home.

Using in-story video & targeted video, we reached the profitable zip codes for people who have shown intent and interest in improving their home and shopping.


  • 25% increase in Organic website traffic
  • 20% increase in Direct website traffic
  • 100% increase in Click thru rate (from 3.25% to 6.5%)

The client was so satisfied with the results, he recommended and our video strategy to a fellow business owner.


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