An appliance center had been eclipsed by its parent company and needed to step out of its shadow and into the limelight. To make matters more challenging, the retailer also competes against larger retailers and big box stores with better name recognition. When it came to grills, gas stoves and fireplaces, the retailer struggled to get customers to consider them first.


  • Increase seasonal sales by developing seasonal campaigns
  • Draw in more shoppers looking for specific brands while also solidifying the retailers own brand


Leveraging seasonal campaigns and brand marketing to increase sales and brand awareness:

  • Step one meant developing a seasonal campaign to push grills heading into summer. Ads would focus on luxury brands in this niche.
  • Honing in on shoppers looking for specific names let the retailer stake its claim as a player in this high-end market, then hook customers with incentives and expertise. The retailer was able to leverage its parent company‚Äôs brand while driving traffic to a distinct site where customers could become more familiar with the store.


  • The display campaign resulted in a 7.27% decrease in bounce rate, by priming customers with the right retail message.
  • With a 43% increase in CTR (click-through rate), they were headed toward solidifying their own brand.
  • The seasonal strategy lit a fire under customers, generating a 43% higher CTR YOY thanks to the grill campaign.


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